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December 31, 2017


Happy New Year!  How wonderful it is to be reminded once a year (at least) that we have another chance…  We can try again!  We can restart. We can believe again.  It’s okay to dream again. 


So I want to wish all of you (and the world) a wonderful NEW YEAR! Not just today, but every single day of this year!  Don’t forget that we can restart doesn’t matter what!  Don’t give up! NEVER!


This first post I want to share a few of my dreams… and invite you to create a board on your computer, on your refrigerator door, some place close to your desk, anywhere you want to with all your dreams, and keep adding and editing.  And don’t forget to believe! 


I created my board in Pinterest.  Once in a while, I feel down and unmotivated so I go back to my board.  Trust me! I get a glimpse for life again. 






“Wishing you all the best, and love! Dream, work hard and keep going…” RG




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Hey There! I am Renata, creator of this blog and owner of RG ART & DESIGN. Welcome to my world! To say I am obsessed with interior design would be a little understated. I live breathe and crave this amazingly fun and creative profession. I started this blog to share with you all the ideas, projects, inspirations, that I have and hope you can share in all I love. Take your time, peruse around, and lets get lost together in all things of art & design!

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