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November 19, 2018

Mr. Gross and I have been talking about moving to someplace else to build a "bella vita" retirement life.  But we are not moving anywhere until we visit and taste a bit of some places... from our bucket list.  This year we visited two locations so far... In March we headed down to the South for a week.  The experience was fabulous! The food completely seduced my palate! The architecture and old world charm fulfilled my visual aesthetics, for sure.  The people are really warm and nice like I've heard from others. Overall the experience was really nice.  Our first stop was Charleston.  Then we went to Savannah. But before we got to Savannah we had lunch at this small and charming town, called Beaufort.  In Savannah we stayed in a private room in a historic townhouse, found at AirBnB, named by Modern & Luxe Townhouse . I absolutely loved the place and Adam (our host) was amazing.  


I am sharing a few of my crap (excuse my language) cell phone photos of the room, so you can have an idea of the space.  OH! The price was even better than the place! I recommend that you check yourself (in person)! 










I know one thing... I don't think Adam spent thousands to furnish and decorate his townhouse, although the decor looks really elegant, cool and pleasant to hang out.  Don't you think?



“Wishing you all the best, and love!

Dream, work hard and keep going…”


Renata Gross



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