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I am Renata.  I am the principal and founder of RG Art & Design. I am a dreamer. I truly believe that my mission is to bring beauty to the world.  As a designer my mission is to help you to find the "beauties" that fit into your style and budget.  No job is too small, nor too big.  My goal is to understand your personality... your needs, your lifestyle and dreams... then translate all to one package of design with a professional approach. 

Hello & Welcome!

A little about my personal story... 

Here a little bit about my story...  My education in the arts, design and appreciation for beauty really started at home during the early stages of my life. I was born and raised in Brazil, and spent most of my childhood in both my mother’s parents' sustainable farm and  my father’s parents' modern and stylish room & board hotel in the city. In the farm I really appreciated the typical colonial rustic style furniture made by locals and the architecture of the house was simple but substantial. We ate organic food produced in the farm and life was down to earth.  In contrast, I perceived strong impressions and feelings from the urban room & board that was trendy and filled with decorating details, and was very exciting to eat Jello and wrapped candies from the supermarket.  But at the end, what I really remember and have learned from the eclectic worlds of both sides of  my families' life was that everybody was concentrating on creating a welcoming environment; where they loved to have the family and friends gathering around; talking, cooking, drinking, playing and laughing. It was all about creating a comfortable environment for the people who lived and visited there!


Me and design...

I moved to NYC in 1999 to study English with an intention to discover the world. But I never dreamed to become an interior designer and discover the world that other way. After learning English and completing a degree with honors in Interior Design from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, and working for a few well-known interior design firms, I founded RG Art & Design in 2009.  My passion for art and design has grown since. I am constantly looking for to improve my skills by taking new classes, networking with professionals, listening lectures, reading, etc.  My professional goal is to be become a better designer every day, and to be able to make a difference in people's life. Although this sounds kind of "cheesy", but I truly mean!

I work hard to create a beautiful home for myself.  Currently I live with my husband and adorable furry babies (Forest and Buddy Boy) in the countryside of Connecticut.  Before that we lived in NYC and Long Island.... and the journey together has been full of discovers and personal growth.

Tell me your Story...
Your design dilemma...


It has been a pleasure to have Renata decorate our office. This was certainly a fun experience. I can say I love all the things she selected for us and I wouldn't have chosen them without her. I remember from our first meeting with Renata's inspiring words to do something outside of the box and trust the designer. I am so happy that I did!

It was excited to see everything come together! The room felt more warm and inviting just with the colors alone that she selected for us.

Very inspiring, works with any budget, goes above and beyond. I couldn't have asked for a better experience working with a designer. Can't wait to start my next project with Renata!

—  Anna T., Client

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