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"Which sofa? Which color? Fabric or leather? Should I have a rug, not a rug? Where I am going to put the TV? Where I am going to find some original affordable art? WHAT STYLE IS MY STYLE?????????????" If that sounds like you... Please, BREATHE!

Now see how we can help you...

Photo from Pinterest by Roger + Chris Our Furniture

Everything starts right here _ YOU MEET each other for no cost.

It is essential to meet with each other in person, in your home or space to be furnished, for a collaborative client and designer interview. So in doing, we are mutually discovering if the project is the right fit for each other. We discuss details such as your goals for the space, your design aesthetic, how you will be using the space, what inspires you, your time-frame for completion, and your budget. We present to you our process of work. During this meeting we also take a general measurement of the space that is going to be designed.

YOU PURCHASE A FURNITURE & BUDGET PLAN for $.99 per square foot.

We make an appointment to survey the space that is going to be designed. That is about taking detailed measurements and photos of the space and the furniture and accessories that you want to keep. After that, we bring the information to our office and work on creating a perfect furniture plan in scale, and writing an initial budget plan.

Why it’s important to start the project with a furniture plan?

  • A furniture layout defines the space smartly, according to your lifestyle activities.

  • Knowing what we need in the space helps us to outline the budget.

Why a budget plan is important?

  • Helps us to have a more clear perspective of how much you want to spend for each piece, and therefore, in each space.

  • By determining how much we want to spend for each item, we would control the expenses.

Sample of a Furniture and Initial Budget Plans

After the furniture plan is developed, if you want to work with us to create a personal design concept, you ask for a LETTER OF AGREEMENT, or A PROPOSAL PLAN. If the furniture and budget plan is all you need, then we are done here.

“Wishing you all the best, and love!

Dream, work hard and keep going…”

Renata Gross

The next phase of the project _ the development of the concept design _ would be explained in the next post. STAY TUNE!

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