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This is the most fun (for an interior designer) part of an interior design project _ the creative process. This part is when we start researching all the items that would go into the space… We create the "mood board", or the schematic design. I like to call it the concept design. Whatever you want to call it... what is that about? It’s the general style idea of the room, where we represent the feel, the composition of the space, the function of the space, the colors, the materials, the forms & shapes, etc. All items are displayed side by side, so you will be able to visualize the cohesiveness and balance between the elements.

In another words you would get from the concept design:

  • The original furniture plan revised and fully developed in detail.

  • The most important wall of the space is elevated, which means it is drawn to scale, determining heights, positions of art, lighting fixtures, millwork, décor details, etc.

  • A collection of furniture based on the layout and budget original plan.

  • A collection of accessories (art, lighting fixtures, décor objects, etc.) is also created.

  • A collection of finishes, fixtures, hardware, lighting fixtures is also created (when needed).

  • A quote of every item included in the project is generated, producing a grand total.

  • In case of disliking a few of the items we would have alternates to substitute the first selected options.

See below a sample of a mood board and shopping list for a living room designed for a beach house:


1 - Sofa 2 - Accent Pillow 3 - Dark Pillows 4 - Strip Pillows 5 - Artwork 6 - Side Tables 7 - Table Lamps 8 - Coffee Table 9 - Rug 10 - Chairs 11 - Floor Lamp

12 - Bar Cabinet 13 - Draperies 14 - Wall Mirror 15 - Accent Table

For more mood boards like this visit our E-Design page.

“Wishing you all the best, and love!

Dream, work hard and keep going…”

Renata Gross

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