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I hear all the time from my clients "I have good taste, but I don't know how to put things altogether!". Here, I am going to give you the first steps of how to put things together without stress.

1- Everything starts from getting inspired... gathering a bunch of images of rooms designed by masters... Rooms that you love. That is a way of educating yourself about design.

2 - Define the style that you want to follow and stick to that one!

3 - Think about a budget. How much do you want to spend or can spend on this project?

4 - Start shopping online and in stores for all the stuff that is going to go in the project. You can create a folder in your computer and put everything there. I love to use Pinterest for that part of the project. I use Pinterest for all my projects. Look! You can put all your favorite things for the project in an empty shoe box too... It doesn't matter where you save your favorite things. But save them somewhere! Start picking your best choices and the ones that you can afford. Don't forget to stick to the style that you have chosen!

I am designing one of my bathrooms. I am very excited about it! But trust involves a lot of work! Everything started when I began selecting a few images of bathrooms that I would like for my house. My house is an antique mix of a farmhouse and a ranch style. I would say it's a typical middle class colonial in the suburbs of New York. I want to keep the antique & retro style, but with a twist. It's important for me to live in a place that is "clean" in style. Below are a few of my inspirations...

Image source from Studio McGee

Image source from Studio McGee

Image source from AD Magazine

Image source from Pinterest - Unknown

Image source from Anthropologie online store

Here is the final board of my choices from selections that I have collected for weeks and weeks. I still need to make sure that my selections are going to fit into my budget!


For more mood boards like this visit our E-Design page.

“Wishing you all the best, and love!

Dream, work hard and keep going…”

Renata Gross

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