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OH! I have been all day trying to find the right lighting fixture for my bathroom renovation. I want to share with you my favorite 4 options. If you have a small and dark bathroom, and share the same style that I do you are not going to have to spend all day trying to find the "right one". Here you have 4 great fixture options for your bathroom renovation! The only problem is which one should you pick?!

Well, in my case I had to consider price... This is the last item I am picking for the bathroom renovation, and of course, at this stage I have been over my budget. But I can't be stuck in choosing the least expensive... I have to choose the one that feels right. Oh, but I can't go with the most expensive! Again, I have to think about budget. Oh, My! Oh, My! What a dilemma!

Okay. Here is how I am going to resolve this puzzle... I have to think about budget. So I can't go with the most expensive (period). I need light (more than usual because the bathroom lacks natural light), so I would prefer to have the one with clear bulbs. The bathroom is mostly white with a little black and brass accents... so I think I need something with a little contrast and that pulls it all together.

So, do you know which one I picked?

“Wishing you all the best, and love!

Dream, work hard and keep going…”

All the best,

Renata Gross

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