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These last few months I have been distancing myself from interior design. It's hard for me to feel disconnected from interior design, but there is nothing that I can do about it at the moment. If you are not in love... you are not in love. I hope that this is just a temporary thing and eventually my passion for interior design will come back. I can't overthink about it because it hurts me thinking about it. I feel sad... I love interior design, but interior design might not love me!? So I am slowly falling in love with another design path. It might be just a quick romance... maybe a Spring romance... But at this moment I'v got to confess that I am madly in love with flower farming and floral design.

Recently I bought a book about both subjects, and I have been enchanted by the power of flowers. The author is a "rock star" in the field of floral farming and design. Her name is Erin Benzakein of Floret Farm. I have listened to a few interviews with her and she is truly a down-to-earth person, very knowledgeable and passionate about what she does. If you are interested in learning how to grow your own cut flowers I highly recommend for you to get this book. She teaches you how to grow beautiful cut flowers on a small piece of land. Of course, she is growing with a commercial intention but you can grow for only your on enjoyment; and to keep your home filled with fresh flowers all year long (depending where you live).


_ Erin at her work _

Hey, interior designers, do you have phases of 'disconnections' with interior design?

“Wishing you all the best, and love!

Dream, work hard and keep going…”

All the best,

Renata Gross

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