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This post is about the process of discovering your personal style and aesthetics, including my own.

Lately I became very anxious to share my own aesthetics with the world. It feels like a freshly baked cake have came out of the oven, and it needs to be served. It took me a few years to develop my personal aesthetics. It has been a process for many years through thousands of observations and studies. Not that it's completely developed and done. I am sure it will never stop growing and changing, and it will become different from time to time. But for now I believe that is well defined in one direction. I have prospective clients and friends who always ask me what are my aesthetics. I always answer that I have my own style and personal appreciation of beauty, and that might not be theirs... And I would never tells what exactly is, maybe because I didn't know what exactly I really liked. But I would say that I would still love to work with their own style and tastes. I truly believe that a good designer can create spaces in any style. But I have been getting to a point in my career that I would like to develop own style and grow there. Not that I am this super star interior designer who can pick & choose my projects and clients. I am far from that! The end of the story is that I want to really connect with my clients and align our fashion beliefs... fell a sense of alignment during the process and eventually build my own brand (one of my dreams in life). This month I made a decision to start sharing more frequently what I really admire in terms of decor & design. It's my goal each month to pick 10 favorite pieces that express my likes & loves and share with the world; and hope that the world responds back to me.

Do you like these items? How would you describe this style? Do you identify with it?

If you like these pieces and you think you would like to bring them to your home, send me an email ( to make an appointment for a free 30 minute design consultation to discuss your thoughts and ideas.


For more mood boards like this visit our E-Design page.

“Wishing you all the best, and love!

Dream, work hard and keep going…”

XoXo & Beijos,

Renata Gross

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