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It's summertime in the Northeast of United States! It's a precious time for us here... For the ones who don't know we have a long and cold winter and summer months are hot and short, and with that comes a great amount of life and energy. It's time for fun, for exploring the outdoors, for longer nights, and lots of water splash! We recently came back from our summer vacation packed with all that! We traveled for 12 days (BTW, with our cat and parakeet in the back seat), visiting the countryside of New England; specifically the states of New Hampshire, Vermont and a little of upstate New York. Vermont really enchanted my heart, for its natural beauty, for the lifestyle and the mix of trendy & down to earth small towns and villages. One village that is really trendy and has lots of design going on is Stowe. Over there, I found a charming and very cool boutique hotel. We didn't stay there. I wished we did, but this time our trip's focus was to explore as many towns as possible and the local activities & lifestyle. So staying in a retreat kind of place was not our main goal. However, I would definitely stay here if I was looking to relax and enjoy a fashionable quality kind of vacation.

I want to share this post with you because I really loved the scenic and pastoral Vermont... as I already mentioned, and Stowe area was absolutely beautiful! The area has a lot to offer, from sophisticated experiences to the mostly down to earth ones... from fine dining to family outdoor adventures to romantic scenic drives. As far as experiencing lodging I recommend Edson Hill for the combination of the breathtaking views of the property and its history, the many activities offered by them; and especially for the exquisitely elegant comfort provided by the accommodations.

I am totally biased! Of course! I always love to combine vacation and style. And ALWAYS would prefer to stay in a place that's got great design, decor and style. For me that is part of the vacation experience. Do you care about staying in a stylish place? Do you prefer boutique hotels, B&Bs or Airbnbs? Or do you prefer a practical, commercial and affordable hotel?

- Photos via Edson Hill's website -

If you visit Vermont or already have visited I would love to hear about your experience. And if you stay in Edson Hill I also would love to learn about your personal experience!

“Wishing you all the best, and love!

Dream, work hard and keep going…”

XoXo & Beijos,

Renata Gross

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