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I bet you have been spending your whole morning on social media! Hey! Since this quarantine started I have been on my social media from 8am to 2pm. After that I go take a nap! Just kidding!! I am so curious to know what you are doing in your quarantine, if you are not working from home. Where have you been going and getting inspired? I confess that I have been all over and have found amazing creative people out there whom I can learn from! As you know art & design is kind of my thing. What are your interests? I would love to hear what you like... when you are in the social media channels where do you like to spend your time? Who inspires you?

In this post I am sharing 5 (five) of my inspirational people. There are so many, but I am only sharing these right now. Overall, I spend a lot of time on Instagram, Pinterest, and a little bit on Facebook. Instagram has been the winner!



Colin King grew up in a rural area in Ohio and now lives in New York City; and I can see his Instagram feed being a combination of all of his experiences. His designs are sophisticated, minimalist and organic. He pairs vintage with new in a way that is for me just pure perfection underneath imperfection. When I scroll Colin's Instagram's feed I get allured with so much magic. His creations hypnotizes my eyes... and makes me feel introspective, calm and puzzled. There is a sense of serenity and individuality in his compositions; each object that he uses has an individual spirit, but when all together it forms another spirit, telling you a story.



Jake Arnold is an LA-based British interior designer who has been fascinating me lately. I love following Jake on Instagram for the exquisite well-curated spaces he designs. I am totally seduced by the moody spaces he creates, the sense of warmth and elegance that comes in the rooms. The mix of the old-world European charm and modern lines combinations always has been my favorite style in design, so that's where Jake really makes me scroll down, scroll down and scroll down obsessively in his Instagram's feed. If I had to choose an interior designer to design my house Jake Arnold would be one to choose from.



Nicole is a lifestyle (interiors, travel and food) photographer based in Brooklyn/NY. According to many interviews that I read on the Internet about her she developed an early passion for food and travel, which later blossomed into a photography career. She is a self taught photographer, and worked really hard to improve her skill set. I have been following her work for a while now... and always felt so drawn to her Instagram's feed and website. Learning more about her life's path made me even more of a fan. As a photographer lover and apprentice myself I'd always go to her when I want to learn something new in photography; and always end it up getting lost in her stories... places, cities, interiors, restaurants, and food photos.



Oh... Jill Sharp! Jill is so exotic, chic and fashionable! I love to 'hang out' with her thorough her Instagram's stories. She lives between Charleston/SC and Santa Fe/NM with her husband and her adorable black Scottish terrier. I would say she has the spirit of a sophisticated gypsy... looks like she is all around the world, because of all interesting and exotic objects that she collects, and shares with us on her feed. Her refined taste from wide-ranging cultures and periods, with a unique charm and personality is enchanting. She is a master of any creative discipline _ from interiors, to events, to fashion and architecture. Her Instagram feed is an explosion of all things pretty and beautiful!





What a woman! Here is another amazing woman in the creative world that I take my hat off. If you visited her Instagram's feed you would never be sad! There is so much energy there, whether it is a spectacular event, a gorgeous bride's bouquet, or an amazing flower close up, a collection of colorful ribbons & vases, some incredible floral installation, an announcement of one of her curious workshops, and a photo of her productive farm, and/or her cute furry friends! You got the idea! She started her career a while ago in the San Francisco Bay area. Then she moved to New York City and started with her 'new' way of designing with floral, which New Yorkers couldn't resist. I would call her a Renaissance woman's type. A woman wearing all kinds of hats!!

THERE ARE SO MANY OTHERS OUT THERE WHO INSPIRE ME! I would share more of them, but the problem is when I start looking at these 'teachers' work I get lost in time and I never would be able to finish my post in a timely manner.


“Wishing you the best, and all love in the world!

Dream, work hard and keep going…"

XoXo & Beijos,

Renata Gross

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