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An antique gunpowder horn, with bronze details, a plug handcarved in wood with a leather strap. This objects were carried by man during Civil War to bring gunpowder for the their muskets. Now this can be an exotic decorative object to display. It would be great sitting on your coffee table, or on in fireplace mantel, or on your entrance console, or can also be hanged on a wall. 


Dimensions: 16"W x 3"D x 4.5"H


Condition: Distressed

  • Visible signs of previous use that may include scratches, gouges, cracks and fissures and worn corners. 


SKU: RGS02122201



End of 18th Century Antique Gunpowder Horn Carried by Men/Soldiers in the Civil

SKU: RGS02122201
1 Pound
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