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Being forced to be home because of the pandemic virus crisis took me to navigate into the 'wallpaper world'. I know this might not the the time to think about wallpaper and neither to think about spending money with decoration projects. But we need to keep positive, be careful out there, and find light activities to do at home. At the moment I am having a lot of fun but also struggling a little bit. I have to find 'the wallpaper' for my small bathroom that I renovated almost a year ago. I know... you might be thinking... how come she is struggling to find a wallpaper if she is a decorator? Trust me! We decorators also have difficulties to find our wallpapers!! There are so many beautiful options out there and you have to pick only one, in my case. I know... you know... [If you are reading this it is because you are having the same dilemma]. I finished the renovation of this bathroom almost a year ago, but is not complete because I am missing the last piece, the wallpaper. When I started the project I knew I wanted a half wall tile and the other half a pretty wallpaper. Since then I have been paralyzed by the wallpaper indecision. I don't know about you but I have this bad habit about not completing my projects... [Well, I also want to remember that a project is always a work in progress.] So could not finishing your projects be associated with sabotaging yourself?! Today I made a decision to complete it; and I know how I am going to resolve this problem! But I am at the same time judging myself if I should be thinking about wallpapers at this moment... with all the problems in the world and especially with the current health and economic crisis, corona virus specifically. Ah! Here I go again... trying to postpone. NO! We can't stop our lives and our projects; and my job anyway is to make the world lighter, easier, make it prettier! Thinking about all the bad and ugly stuff in the world makes me feel like working even harder with a purpose to make it happier and more beautiful. I leave the health department to our doctors, nurses, scientists, teachers, politicians, and other professionals related. There are a lot of other people to take care of that. My business right now is to help myself to find a wallpaper for my bathroom and complete this project; hoping that I can help you to find your wallpaper for your room, when you finish reading this story. Let's make the world a better place with beautiful things!

The first step is to brainstorm. Brainstorming about what I am enjoying at this moment in my life, or what I have always enjoyed. How do I want to feel when I am using this space? What mood do I want to approach? Finding a decorative element to our spaces is most of the time about aesthetics, and that is related to the principles of beauty and artistic tastes. So first, explore your own principles of beauty and taste. For me, nature is the winner in terms of beauty. Green is a color that brings me peace.

Second we should explore for our principles of beauty visiting the Internet (Pinterest, blogs, Instagram, etc.), printed publications such as books and magazines, visiting your favorite decor & furniture showrooms and stores. Considering that we are looking for a visual solution; these sources are the best for inspiration. Don't forget to observe the surroundings of your house: where you live [close to the sea, in the country, city, lake] and the architectural style of your property.

Third and last, now that we got into our sources let's collect all the ideas and images in one place. It can be in your computer, in your phone, or in a shoe box or paper file.

You must be thinking... Why do I have to do all this work to find a wallpaper? Shouldn't I just pick one? Yes, you can just pick one that you like the most if you have that one. But if you want to pick the one that truly connects to your visual aesthetics and makes sense with the rest of your house, I recommend that you do this exercise, and create a space that truly speaks to you. A wallpaper is like a piece of art printed on a large and long piece of paper that can become an expression of yourself. This wallpaper can be the discovery of you. The starting point of your home decor & design concept. What is a design concept? The soul of your project.

Here how I started my own self wallpaper discovery... Pulling up a few conceptual images and asking myself why do I love each of these.

Why do I love this image? I like the dark moody feel, the idea of being in a secluded jungle with all kinds of plants, flowers and animals.

Image Source Lime Lace

Wallpaper Savuti by Cole & Son

Why do I like this image below? I always have been attracted to the old world charms, grandeur and history behind... I love the contrast of the colors and materials in this image... the dark green wall that reminds me the deep forest in the country, the aged and grounded brown wood floors; in contrast with the crisp white colors. There is also some kind of sensuality in the room that connects with my feminine sense.

Image Source: The English Home Magazine

Why do I like this image? Again, the combination of the different greens' tones and simplicity... the urban country style... every single elements and accessories here just makes everything right for each other. A down-to-Earth quality.

Image Source: Plain English Kitchens

Why do I like this image below? There is some mystery in this room, perhaps it's the 'secret keys' and dense foliage in the wallpaper design, perhaps it's the light that is coming from the massive window, which is making me curious to think of what is out there? The hills of the English countryside? A pasture with sheep and cows? Or a secret garden? I think what I like about it's the romantic feeling and simple elegance of the overall.

Image Source: John Lewis & Partners

Wallpaper Chiavi Segrete, Gilver & Gold by Cole & Son

Why do I like this image? The combination of a the vintage look and minimalism makes this space looks very appealing to me, putting old and new together in an old building is my favorite design approach. In this room 'everyone' has their own presence in harmony with each other.

Image Source: Blog Wit & Delight

Wallpaper Pimpernel by Morris & Co

Why do I like this image? Huh! This one is a little different from the previous inspirational images because it has a beach vibe, not an English country/farmhouse look. But I love the bright white space with dark accents and love the unexpected tropical 'vintage look' fabric in the sofa. I can see my white bathroom and black accents being completed with a fun vintage tropical green color forest wallpaper.

Image Source: Serge Castella Interiors

Why do I like this image? This is an amazing wallpaper! It's sexy, energetic and provocative. I like the colors and the floral organic aspect; with the bright white background. Though, this might be too dramatic for my small humble bathroom.

Image Source - A Glass of Bovino


My next step is to select a few wallpaper options that speak to me and my inspiration images, and of course, in my budget! Wallpaper can be beyond doubt a splurge! I might have to wait a little bit until the current crises pass to go forward with this project! Oh... no!


[Be safe at home and don't forget to wash your hands!]

“Wishing you the best, and all love in the world!

Dream, work hard and keep going…"

XoXo & Beijos,

Renata Gross

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