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In this post I don't want to only share mood-boards of a bedroom and a shopping list...I want to also show you that we can easily change the look of a space by switching just a few elements, giving us a new look. As an example, in my boards I am using the same bed and dresser for the 3 concepts, but changing the other elements as you can notice below. They are in the same color palette and style but a little bit more traditional in one of them and a little more modern in the other.

Another thing that I want to share with you is that when I design for my clients most the time I like to present a two to three options of a few things within the same concept, as you see below, so you have options to choose from.

The third point with this post is my interest of mixing old and new in the same space. I believe mixing the two worlds make the space more interesting and unexpected. It creates a sense of collection/lived over the time with soul and charm . We can work with that old piece that you like so much but it has been in the basement or garage for years, because you can't find a place for it. On the other hand, sometimes it's a piece that you don't like so much... a piece that your mom, grandmother, or auntie gave to you and you are not that crazy about, but you can't give away because they would feel offended, etc. We can work with that and make it interesting in the room with the new and modern furnishings that you want to bring to the new home. I hope these boards can inspire you to give another chance to that "old lady or guy" covered in dust in some hidden place in your home.

I would love to hear from you which is your favorite concept of the three?





“Wishing you the best, and all love in the world!

Dream, work hard and keep going…"

XoXo & Beijos,

Renata Gross

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